Core values

At KKN & Partner, our core values of liberty, justice, and equality take precedence in every action we take. We promote a culture where partners and employees are encouraged to express their creativity while ensuring that all individuals receive the same level of respect and fairness. We are committed to providing everyone with an equal opportunity to succeed. Our values don’t just exist in words on paper; they are embedded in every part of our daily decisions and corporate culture. By standing by these beliefs, we work towards improving the world through investments and subsidiaries while leaving a positive influence wherever possible.


A state of being free from oppressive restrictions and the ability to exercise individual rights and freedoms without interference.


The principle of fairness and impartiality in treating individuals or groups in the administration of laws and regulations.


The concept of all individuals being equal in rights, opportunities, and treatment, regardless of their race, gender, religion, or other personal characteristics.


To invest in up-and-coming businesses in southeast Asia. 


To build a network of companies based on circular economy business models. 


Nikolas Klein

International corporate law
LLM at University of Cambridge
ex. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
ex. Hengeler Müller


Johannes Klausch

International trademark
LLM at London School of Economics
Partner at Luther


Dschung Nguyen

Business Director
youarewelcome GmbH
Green Mango GmbH